Our History

At Lower Hill Farm, we have been producing turkeys since 1946 and are proud to be able to say that some of our very first customers and their families are still with us today.

turkey chickWe take great pride in producing these beautiful turkeys and have adapted the very finest farming methods and allow the birds to slowly mature for up to 6 months. Our philosophy has always been to produce turkeys full of flavour and texture for our customers to enjoy a really wonderful Christmas treat.

We have created a wonderful environment for our turkeys to roam freely with access to lush grass and a deep clean littered straw barn is always on hand for night-time and those less inviting days. However even last years’ snow proved to be to enticing for our adventurous turkeys, with the majority out in the field during the heaviest snow flurries eager to enjoy the fun.

Our turkeys at Lower Hill are raised to high welfare standards and are fed on a diet based on locally grown cereals, vegetable protein and oats, without additives, drugs or growth promoters. Through the benefits of this diet and by allowing the turkeys to develop more slowly, a natural fat layer under the skin appears, enhancing that wonderful old fashioned flavour.

group of turkeysEssentially we continue to dry hand pluck our turkeys and this timely tradition is a key part of our high standards. In the same way the turkeys are then individually hung for up to 14 days to allow a rich, more succulent flavour to develop to the wonderfully tenderised meat. Although our old fashioned methods are slow and labour intensive, this dedication to care and attention plays an essential part in producing superior quality turkeys that we are proud of.

Simon Small - Lower Hill Farm, Butleigh, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8TW

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